Thursday, April 20, 2017

FIXED Qanba Q3 stick - JoyMOT(Joystick & Mod Throwback)

Stick milik Andi dari Cipinang yang butuh stick arcade nya hidup kembali. Stick ini sebetul nya controller jenis wireless untuk PS3 yang terhubung ke console lewat dongle bluetooth. Tapi karena dongle yang dia nya hilang, kita perlu menghidupkan nya kembali dengan memasang PCB baru.

This wireless Qanba arcade stick belongs to Andi from Cipinang, who wanted to resurrect this stick. The stick connected to PS3 through a bluetooth dongle, which the owner lost. So, he decided to switch the stock PCB with a new one to get it working again. 

PCB yang dipakai di sini adalah tipe USB generic untuk PC/PS3. Sang pemilik memutuskan untuk memakai PCB generic karena dia ingin stick ini bisa dipakai selagi dia tunggu PCB Brook untuk PS3 & PS4 tipe baru hadir di pasaran. Supaya kita nga perlu lagi ngemodifikasi kotak nya, kita buat aja kepala USB-A cowo keluar dari kotak, karena kalau USB tipe A cewe nanti orang nya kesulitan cari kabel USB tipe cowo ke cowo. Sedangkan kabel USB extension( A cewe ke A cowo) ada banyak di pasaran. Lebih baik kita buat stick ini cocok untuk kabel USB extension tadi. foto lain bisa dilihat di

 A generic PCB for PC/PS3 was chosen for this project. The customer wanted to have this working and later switch the PCB with a more superior PCB, that is the new Brook PS3-PS4 Fighting Board when it's finally released. We installed a male USB type A connector because around here it's a lot easier to get USB extension cables (i.e. USB A female to male cable), to make it easy for the owner plug/unplug his stick. This way we also didn't need to modify the case because it previously housed USB type-A female port, and since it had a very similar dimensions as the male one, we could install it pretty easily. Plus the stick may go through another modification once Brook released their new PS3/PS4 PCB, so we should just finish the repairment and return the stick to its owner. more photos can be seen from the following link

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